Technical data of acquisition

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Basic object information

CCD Acquisition: Canon digital camera EOS 350D ( no modified ) 
CCD Autoguide
: no data
Optic configuration of the telescope:
fractor Skywatcher 80-600 mm. ED PRO + focal reducer Vixen
( focal equivalent and inclusive draught no data )
frammed field: no data
German Equatorial Mount:  no Data
Integration time: 50'
Software used for the acquisition and the elaboration:
Date of acquisition: 2008
Zone of acquisition:
no data
Author Astroimager:
Gerardo Sbarufatti


Name: NGC 2024 ( above )
Popular name: Tank Track Nebula
Type of object: Bright nebula
Size: 30.0'
Position (epoch of date)
Right ascension: 5h 42m 11s
Declination: -1 50' 56"
Constellation: Orion

Name: IC 434
( under )
Popular name: Horsehead nebula
Type of object: Bright nebula
Magnitude: 11.0
Size: 90.0'x30.0'
Position (epoch of date)
Right ascension: 5h 41m 29s
Declination: -2 26' 46"
Constellation: Orion

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