Technical data of acquisition :

  CCD Acquisition: Atik 4000
CCD Autoguide
: SBIG ST 7 XME 402 E
Optic configuration of the telescope: Pentax 75mm SDHF F500mm f6,6
German Equatorial Mount:
Gemini G 41 Observatory Plus and FS 2 system control
Luminance integration time:
7x900"  with  filter Astronomik CLS Profi II
Integration color time: no
Software used for the acquisition and the elaboration:
CCDSoft, Photoshop CS2+NoiseNinja  Astroart 4.0
Date of acquisition: March 2010
Zone of acquisition:
 Fixed remote posting of San Giuliano P.no ( Piacenza ) Italy
Author Astroimager:
Davide Romanini
Information for M106  "Galaxy"
 http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/M106 (in lingua Italiana)
 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messier_106  (in language English )






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