Technical data of acquisition

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Basic object information

CCD Acquisition: FLI MaxCam ME2 ( NABG )
CCD Autoguide
: unguided
Optic configuration of the telescope: W.O.Megrez SDII 80 mm.
 F 500 f 6.0 direct focus ( frammed field 47'x31' )

German Equatorial Mount:
Gemini G 41 Observatory Plus and FS 2 system control
Luminance integration time:
10 frame from 300" each with  filter Astronomik
Ha (13 nm)
Interpolation dimension image: bicubic 200%
Software used for the acquisition and the elaboration:
Date of acquisition: February 2005

Zone of acquisition:
Fixed posting of San Giuliano P.no ( Piacenza ) Italy
Author Astroimager:
Davide Romanini


Name: M 42
Popular name: Orion Nebula
Type of object: Bright nebula
Magnitude: 4.0
Apparent size: 90.0'x60.0'

Position (epoch of date)
Right ascension: 5h 35m 39s
Declination: -5 23' 5"
Constellation: Orion


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