Technical data of acquisition :

  CCD Acquisition: Canon Eos DSLR 350D modified with filter Baader Planetarium
CCD Autoguide
gives not available
Optic configuration of the telescope: Skywatcher
 80mm ED Pro F600 f 7,5 + focal reducer ( focal real of resumption 400 mm )

German Equatorial Mount:
Skywatcher Heq 6
times of taken back integration: 11x300"
Software used for the acquisition and the elaboration:  gives not available
Date of acquisition: September 2010
Zone of acquisition:
 Star Party of Sant Barthelemy (Valle D'Aosta) Italy
Author Astroimager: Gerardo Sbarufatti
Information for IC 1396 -VDB 142 "Trunk of Elephant"
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